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Driving is an advantage, and that is why it should never be abused our the privilege. No matter how positive you are with your abilities, always bear in mind that there are things that you should never attempt; like driving while intoxicate. If you are a drinker, then it would be wise investment to invest in breathalyzer device that is portable such as a keychain breathalyzer

When you drive, you have to have complete control over every part of your body. Motorists rely not just on their eyes, hands, and feet to drive safely and also depend upon their brain to control drive safely.

The streets are for everybody to utilize, chauffeurs and pedestrians alike. One lapse in judgment can turn your vehicle into a deadly weapon. To drive securely, you need to be alert and must be proficient enough to make decisions on your feet as circumstances may change without warning. Studies show reflexes are impacted when you consume too many alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol affects everyone’s body differently so having easy access to pocket breathalyzer has many advantages.

Below the effect of consuming alcohol


Among the first things, alcohol impacts are the how your brain functions. Alcohol is a depressant, and this implies that it slows down your bodies response system. In doing so, it adversely impacts your reaction time. In large amounts of alcohol cause your to fall sleep the wheel. You can’t as quickly respond to shifting circumstances as a result.

Alcohol also impacts your ability to concentrate.

Expect it to impede your rational decision-making capabilities also. In some cases, it can trigger overconfidence. For example, some drivers believe that they can beat the traffic signal and effort to do so, just to find themselves in the middle of incoming traffic.

Someone who has been drinking can have this sensation that they are taking additional care. However, the reality can substantially be altered by alcohol.

Eye Site

Vision problems is another impact of alcohol on the body. Ever become aware of the term beer goggle eyes? When you are inebriated, what you think you see is a little modified compared with exactly what is there because the alcohol decreases the function of your eye muscles.

Images can be blurred, and your understanding of color can also change. It will be tough to judge where your vehicle is on the street or where other vehicles, structures, or even road indications.

Limbs (Hands and Feet).

Consuming more alcohol than what your body can process, you can cause problems with coordination. As you drive, you may experience a minimized sense of coordination in which your limbs may not respond as rapidly or as exactly as you ‘d like them to.

When you have to move the steering wheel from left to right or if you have to step on the brakes and are not able to do so causes accidents. A common circumstance with intoxicated drivers is that they wrongly step on the gas instead of the brakes.

Thinking about how alcohol affects the body, more companies are encouraging people to buy breathalyzer products and have one useful in their person when they go out for drinks. With the majority of these carrying a portable design and a cost-effective price tag, there is not purchase a small keychain breathalyzer.

It would be best if you utilized a personal breathalyzer to examine your BAC (blood alcohol concentration) levels. A standard step of non-inebriation is when your BAC is under 0.05. If yours surpasses this, walk home or just call uber. If you have time to spare, you can wait on your BAC to decrease.

Drunk driving is never appropriate. Only take Jacqui Saburido for instance. She was an only child with plans for the future just like you. However, her life altered the minute she and some friends encountered an intoxicated motorist driving home from a friends birthday party.

In 1999, A young man name of Ron Stepson was also on his way home at 4 am. He was inebriated, and his car drifted into the other lane, striking Stepson’s car. He was in the front seat with 2 of his good friends in the car, one of whom was driving, passed away on impact.

The automobile was swallowed up in flames, and Stepson suffered dreadful third-degree burns to her body. Ron, a high school football star with scholarship offers from great football programs. His life altered forever the minute he chose to get in the car. Stepson now only dreams of being independent again.

Stephey Jones the driver who hit them was convicted and sent to the state penitentiary with a sentence of 7 years. Although he has given that been released, her life can never return to the way it was.

With his skin practically melted by the flames, no doctor expected Stepson to survive however after several painful operations he pulled through leaving him with mounds of medical bills. Immediately, her life was minimized to exactly what it is now, full of pain and uncertain of what the future might be.

You should buy a pocket breathalyzer or keychain breathalyzer to keep you from driving while intoxicated. Think of the safety of others on the road the next time you go out an party.